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Hi. My name is Harry, I'm a Guide Dog Puppy in Training and this is my Blog.

Atherton Appeal

Harry supported Guide Dogs' appeal to equip the brand new training school for the North of England at Atherton. He was keen to help as he was to be one of the first puppies to train at the new school.

Harry was at the launch of the appeal on 7th October 2008 where he got to meet the Press. One of the newspaper articles can be seen here.

December 30, 2008


Harry loves his trips to the beach, he really enjoys exploring every nook and cranny, and investigating every piece of seaweed and driftwood that may litter the shore.

One of the great things about Alnmouth, is that the beach looks different every day. Every time the tide goes out it leaves behind a different landscape, so every day Harry has somewhere new to explore.

Harry exploring the beach

Harry exploring the beach

The North Sea at this time of year is too cold even for Harry, although the pools left behind by the tide are great for paddling and finding treasure.

Harry the intrepid explorer

Harry the intrepid explorer

Harry can find all sorts in these pools, shells, pebbles, seaweed – but his favourite piece of treasure so far, has been a stray crab leg. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t still attached to a crab at the time.


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