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Hi. My name is Harry, I'm a Guide Dog Puppy in Training and this is my Blog.

Atherton Appeal

Harry supported Guide Dogs' appeal to equip the brand new training school for the North of England at Atherton. He was keen to help as he was to be one of the first puppies to train at the new school.

Harry was at the launch of the appeal on 7th October 2008 where he got to meet the Press. One of the newspaper articles can be seen here.

September 11, 2008


Harry has had the camera waved in front of him since his first day at Number 58, and now whenever the camera appears, there’s this look he gets on his face, and he’s all ‘Oh no. Here she goes again with that THING’.  But Harry is a bright boy, and knows that there’s usually a reward.

Sometimes though, Harry is almost too clever and when the camera appears, he will actually anticipate the behaviour required, like a true professional. Ever the optimist, he’s always hopeful that he will be rewarded with a food related treat. This photo is a classic case. Harry’s thought process obviously went along these lines –  ‘Hmmm. This is a scenic spot. If I sit here and pose then maybe there’ll be a treat. A big treat. Maybe even a biscuit. A whole biscuit. Just for me’!

Harry the Poser


  1. What a wonderful informative blog. Only found it tonight and have read all the entries. We are puppy walking our first guide dog puppy who is 15 weeks old today, a beautiful, intelligent and rather stroppy black labrador retriever cross. Looking forward to reading more.

    Comment by Ellie — September 15, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

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