Picture of Harry

Hi. My name is Harry, I'm a Guide Dog Puppy in Training and this is my Blog.

Atherton Appeal

Harry supported Guide Dogs' appeal to equip the brand new training school for the North of England at Atherton. He was keen to help as he was to be one of the first puppies to train at the new school.

Harry was at the launch of the appeal on 7th October 2008 where he got to meet the Press. One of the newspaper articles can be seen here.

August 4, 2008

Harry the Horrible – Part 2

It seems a long time ago since Harry first decided to taste cow poop. Since then he’s been very obedient on his free runs and when we tell him to ‘leave’ he usually does. However, not long after this photograph was taken he came across a particularly pungent and fresh deposit left by a very friendly, if rather large, cow. The urge to sample this steaming delicacy was just too strong, and with an attitude that only a stroppy teenage pup can muster, he defiantly tucked in.

Harry by the river

Harry doesn’t understand the concept of cause and effect. But we do and this time there was certainly an effect. We haven’t had much sleep this weekend, as every few hours Harry needed to go to the bathroom. It didn’t seem to bother him that we had to drag ourselves out of bed in the middle of the night to open the door for him.

First thing this morning we visited the vet.  Harry normally enjoys these visits but this time the vet needed to take his temperature, something he wasn’t too keen on. Harry stood patiently while the process was carried out but he had such an indignant look on his face it was hard not to laugh. We left with various tablets and liquids to give him, and instructions that Harry should eat only chicken and rice over the next few days.

The other thing the vet gave us was a little jar. This jar needs to be filled and returned – and that’s all that needs to be said about that. One thing’s for sure though, the next time we see a cow we’ll be walking in the opposite direction.