Picture of Harry

Hi. My name is Harry, I'm a Guide Dog Puppy in Training and this is my Blog.

Atherton Appeal

Harry supported Guide Dogs' appeal to equip the brand new training school for the North of England at Atherton. He was keen to help as he was to be one of the first puppies to train at the new school.

Harry was at the launch of the appeal on 7th October 2008 where he got to meet the Press. One of the newspaper articles can be seen here.

June 4, 2008

Weekly update – 20 weeks

Today Harry turned 20 weeks old, and now weighs 23.1 kg. During the last week his bark has changed. He no longer squawks like a chicken, now he has a proper woof, a deep, resonating and very loud, woof. The first time it came out of his mouth he was so shocked, he stopped dead in his tracks, looked around to see where the noise had come from, and completely forgot why he had barked in the first place.

Playing with leaves

Although he’s growing up fast, Harry still carries around the small piece of blanket that he had when he first arrived. It was part of a larger blanket that was used in the nest. Back then it probably still carried the scent of his mum and litter mates, but it’s been through the washing machine so many times now that it can’t possibly have any of their smell left. Harry has taken it to bed with him every single night and shows no sign of stopping. If it’s not there at bedtime it’s almost a major catastrophe and he’ll pace up and down the kitchen floor until it’s found.

Apart from Harry’s regular outings he’s been to puppy class this week. He loves going to class as he gets to see all his pals, but it’s such hard work being on your best behaviour and concentrating for 45 minutes. He managed to do all that was required of him, even the ‘stay’ which can test a puppy’s self control to the limit, especially when all you really want to do is go and play with all the other puppies.

Harry’s highlight this week has been the time he got to spend with his new best friend. He absolutely loved having her around, especially when they got to go exploring in the woods together. It was just the best time ever.

Into the woods